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SEO & Online Marketing
in Randburg & Roodepoort

We work closely with highly skilled SEO experts to improve & maintain your rankings in search engine’s search results.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of affecting your website’s visibility on search engines’ organic search results (such as google and its partners yahoo, bing etc). SEO uses relevant keywords and tries to match keywords on the website with common search terms relevant to your business. This way, people who are searching for something closely related to your products or services are driven to your website.

There are many channels one can visit to make your SEO more effective. This includes generating relevant off page & on page content, and linking back to related pages on the web-site. We upload your sitemap to search engine directories to get your site indexed, and tell crawlers what to look at and where to find it.

We use only White Hat SEO techniques at Rogueweb. This means that we adhere to the guidelines that search engines approve of, to gain long term & lasting results.

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SEO Audit

SEO Audit

The audit process involves a careful inspection of your website, to determine where the main issues lie that may be hindering its performance. We will asses your site structure, content, meta data & various other elements.

seo keyword research

Keyword Research

The keyword research process is essential to determining what are the most effective search terms to focus your content around. We will compile a list of keywords that we believe are important, and select a focus keyword for each page of your site.

seo competitor research

Competitor Analysis

Doing a thorough analysis of your competitors’ websites could serve as a good reference point to determine what you are doing right & where you may be able to improve.

seo content strategy

Content Strategy

After performing a content analysis we can determine if you are in need of brand new content, or if we can simply optimise your existing content. Well-written content is essential to a successful SEO campaign.

on page optimisation

On Page Optimisation

On site optimisation incorporates all the work we do to lay down a strong infrastructure for SEO. This involves usability & speed testing, mobile compatibility, and functionality testing.

content development

Content Development

It is vital to have high quality, original content to attract crawlers to your site, and guide the user’s journey smoothly through your website. Your content should be relevant to your keywords and richly descriptive for the best results.

seo checklist

SEO Checklist

We will run through a checklist of all the elements of your site that could use improvement, and establish a hierarchy of tasks to better these areas. This will help us to develop future strategies to improve your ranking over time.

seo reporting

Analysis & Reporting

We will perform a monthly analysis of your site’s performance, and determine which areas are succeeding and which are not. We will present you with an easy-to-understand report of your page rankings, and our strategy for improvement.

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