1. Easy as pie

WordPress is the most newbie friendly way to set up and maintain almost any type of website – especially a business oriented website! Do you require a website that can rank well on google and is responsive? WordPress is a google favourite and has many plugins that can help you structure your website for maximum performance on google! Getting your website responsive is as easy as choosing the correct Template and then getting on with customizing it.

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2. Maintenance

Once your website is all set up and running its no problem for anyone to maintain it and carry on adding weekly blog posts and content. Simply log in to the admin area and click add new post to get into adding a new blog post! its also just as easy to add new pages to the website, simply clikc Pages – Add New.

The hardest part will be coming up with new content – honestly, who wants to struggle with technology when it can be as easy as your ABC’s.

3. Open Source

This word may sound strange if you are new to all this stuff – but let me assure you that its a great one! What it means simply is that the code that WordPress runs on is open to the public.

There are people making improvements and adding plugins for extra functionality every single day! Heck, if you got into development you might even be the next contributor to push WordPress one step further, if you so desire!

One of the other advantages to this is that there are literally thousands of FREE plugins that add extra functionality to your wordpress website. No charge – just click install on the desired plugin and away you go! That’s Powerful stuff and it saves time and money!

4. Google

Google Loves WordPress. The way that WordPress is designed is to get maximum exposure on google – from the way it formats code in the background to the way it can even tell you how well optimized your content and posts are! Everything about WordPress can enable you to rank highly on google at no extra cost – all you have to do is work on your site and add content and optimize it once in a while.

5. Majority of the internet

Here is a diagram showing the market share of WordPress vs other CMS systems. It’s the most popular platform for a reason, and has loads of content to show for it!

[fusion_counters_circle animation_offset=”” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=”” id=””][fusion_counter_circle value=”63″ filledcolor=”” unfilledcolor=”” size=”150″ scales=”no” countdown=”no” speed=”1500″]Wordpress 63%[/fusion_counter_circle][fusion_counter_circle value=”4″ filledcolor=”” unfilledcolor=”” size=”150″ scales=”no” countdown=”no” speed=”1500″]Shopify 4%[/fusion_counter_circle][fusion_counter_circle value=”4″ filledcolor=”” unfilledcolor=”” size=”150″ scales=”no” countdown=”no” speed=”1500″]Joomla 4%[/fusion_counter_circle][fusion_counter_circle value=”3″ filledcolor=”” unfilledcolor=”” size=”150″ scales=”no” countdown=”no” speed=”1500″]Drupal 3%[/fusion_counter_circle][fusion_counter_circle value=”26″ filledcolor=”” unfilledcolor=”” size=”150″ scales=”no” countdown=”no” speed=”1500″]Other 26%[/fusion_counter_circle][/fusion_counters_circle]