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About RogueWeb
Web Design Company in Johannesburg

Got ideas? RogueWeb has the skills. Welcome! And here is a little more about us and our enduring love affair with web design.
We’d love to tell you that we come from the future, or that we do what we do, and do well, is because we were raised by robots and computers in the wilderness.

We could tell you about our caffeine addictions or fondness of cat memes. We could tell you that we’re a vibrant, customer-centric digital agency dedicated to website design and app development. It’s our bread and butter.

Maybe you would rather hear about our wide range of services, which you can read all about right here. We’ve been training hard for a long time, developing our senses, steeling our minds and honing our skills, and waiting… Waiting just for you. Waiting for this very moment, right now.


It’s all in the details

It’s our duty to inform you, our dear visitor, that we’re all about you. We pride ourselves on delivering a positive user experience through intuitive, pixel-perfect design according to your specifications. We value quality of work over volume – so that you have our undivided attention.

Efficient. Affordable. Flexible. Excellent. These are just some of the keywords we’ve thrown in to make sure we reach our target audience on Google. Thank you, SEO.

Attention to detail is vitally important to us. We guarantee a perfectly functional, beautiful, attractive, mesmerizing product.

For all your app development, web design, graphic design, eCommerce, or SEO needs – we’re awesome at it all. Really, it’s unsettling.

We’re based in Johannesburg, the city of tall, dark and handsome. Contact us at any time to chat about your ideas.

What sets us apart

Attention to Detail

We breathe life into your business. RogueWeb puts a lot of thought into every project, ensuring that each aspect is exceptional and functional. We only include what is absolutely necessary, and then set about making the necessary absolutely beautiful. It is imperative to us that your new website, app or design not only reflects the image of your brand in physical appearance, but also in character. It’s the little things that make big dreams happen, and so we pride ourselves on our peerless attention to detail.

Customer Service

The sheer variety in today’s competitive cyber marketplace demands excellence in design. How will you stand out? This is what we aim to answer, and we’ve put together highly customizable packages to suit your needs, budget and schedule. We strive to maintain open and frequent communication with our clients. This enables us to better understand your vision and expectations, as well as advise you on the best, most cost-effective way forward. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we go the extra mile, every time.

Code of Ethics

We live by the unwritten Bushido of web design. Honesty, Courage, Veracity, Compassion, Respect, Honour and Loyalty. We abhor the idea of cash-grab businesses which ignore the needs of their customers. We are resolute in maintaining honest and open communication with our clients. We will always present multiple options where available. We make suggestions based on what is best for your business and budget. We will never recommend anything you don’t need just to squeeze the last drop of moola out of you.

Meet the Geeks

Jason Human
Business Analyst // Senior Developer

Jason is our go-to guy on all things tech-related. He is our senior developer, heading up the software development & IT departments. For all app, system, and domain-related queries, he’s your guy! His main responsibilities include needs analysis (for software or apps), database design, API integrations & development.

Ciara Vogelman
UX Designer // Web Developer

Ciara is our user experience expert, basing all her designs on sound UX principles. She is our senior web developer and designer, and can assist you with all design, website, and seo queries. Her main responsibilities include web development, UX & UI design, corporate ID & branding.

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