1. Increase Security

The main reason to keep your site up to date is to ensure that it is secure against attacks from malicious parties. The wordpress team is constantly working on identifying security risks & vulnerabilities. Update to the WordPress framework, along with its’ themes and plugins, often increase security by patching existing vulnerabilities, and strengthening against malicious attacks. When new versions are released, hackers will monitor the release notes to learn of vulnerabilities they can exploit. By leaving your wordpress site unaltered, your are opening yourself up to hackers by leaving known security holes in place.

2. Fix Bugs

Updates to wordpress and its plugins and themes often include bug fixes that were found in previous versions.

3. Performance & User Experience

Often updates will enhance your site’s performance, or that of its plugins. This means your site can run faster, easier, and more efficiently, saving you and your users time and bandwidth, and making your site generally nicer to use.

4. Compatibility

Often your plugins will need to be updated to remain compatible with the new versions of wordpress. Sometimes, updating wordpress or a plugin can result in compatibility issues with another plugin, which is why it is so important to back your site up. Usually, this can be avoided by using only plugins from reputable developers, but this is not always the case.

5. Future Proof

At some point, you are bound to want to make changes to your site, and this can sometimes require the latest version of wordpress. For instance, if you need to add a new plugin to your site, and it is incompatible with older versions of wordpress. By keeping up to date with all the minor changes and errors over time, you reduce the amount of time and effort required to update. By leaving your site for a year or two, all of those small issues have become intertwined, making diagnosing and fixing problems harder, more time-consuming and expensive.

83% of hacked WordPress sites weren’t updated

WordPress Updates FAQ


Anyone with a little web savvy can update a standard wordpress site, but depending on how customized your website is, how it was built, and how long it has been since your last update, you may run into one or two difficulties.

Broken Website

Often an updated site will require a few fixes to get it back in working order. Sometimes plugins will deactivate, settings revert to default, and worst case scenario:  the new versions of WordPress may no longer be compatible with your plugins and themes, which could drastically affect the functionality or appearance of your website!

NB: We recommend taking a full backup of your database, and all your wordpress plugins and files before any updates are applied!

Lost Customizations

If your site is very old, or your theme’s core files have been modified without the use of a child theme, applying any updates will cause the files to be overwritten and all your customizations will be lost. That’s why it’s always a good idea to take a backup before updating, or have a qualified web developer assist you to ensure any customizations are re-applied after the updates.

Get a professional WordPress maintenance service

We have a basic maintenance package to take care off all your updates on a monthly basis. This includes:

  • Place site in maintenance mode while we work

  • Take a full backup of your site files and database

  • Update WordPress Framework, Plugins & Themes

  • Scan for outdated templates in child theme

  • Update any outdated templates and copy over all custom mods

  • Identify & fix any conflicts/reverted settings

  • Configure caching & clear cache after all updates

  • Scan with Wordfence for remaining vulnerabilities, suspicious activity or brute-force attempts & update security definitions

  • Take another backup once changes are complete

  • Deactivate maintenance mode